You're overwhelmed as a practice owner. Not only are you a veterinarian with all the pressure that comes with our job, but you're also responsible for making sure the clinic is profitable, efficient, that your staff is happy, that you put out any fires with clients, all while having a staffing shortage.

But you want to do better. So you can take care your staff, patients, clients, and even yourself. You strive to increase profitability and efficiency without needing more staff. And that is possible! It requires systems and automations and even some outsourcing, but we can help you turn the staff you have into the practice of your dreams!


Things You May Have Tried

(that may have helped some ... for the short term)

  • New software

  • New apps

  • Hiring more people

  • Not letting staff go when needed out of desperation for warm bodies

  • Just doing everything yourself

That's the power of automation!

Automating is basically anything that make simple tasks take less brain power (from you and whoever is in charge of completing the task). It can be anything from having such amazing systems in place that when a new client calls, the process until they get in for their first appointment is flawless and seamless and requires minimal thought; to simply tagging a contact as a new client in the system and it automatically generating new client forms, following up to make sure they are collected and in your system prior to their appointment, and every step in between. The amount computer automation that is possible with your specific practice management software varies greatly depending on the software. Some softwares have internal forms that can easily streamline this process, some will let you keep patient's cards on file, some allow you to set up automatic triggers for tasks that need to be completed so nothing slips through the cracks.

The beauty of chatting about this with me, is we will tailor our conversation around exactly what the biggest issues are for YOU, within YOUR practice, and work within the bounds of YOUR software. Of course there are some softwares better than others, and some softwares integrate better with some softwares better than others. But any suggestions I make as we walk through your practice systems and automations will be tailored to what you see as your biggest issue in your practice and softwares you already pay for.


Testimonial from a life coaching client

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  • Payton

I'm Darby - Your Mindset + Automations Coach

  • I'm a veterinarian so I uniquely understand what you're going through!
  • I used to work full time as an overwhelmed equine veterinarian, then opened my own quickly profitable low cost pet vaccine clinic, and now I've truly found my passion helping veterinarians getting more hours back in their day through changing their mindset and improving their automations!
  • I'm also a certified push coach - like a life coach but with more coaching and less questions (so I can actually help you get to where you need to go, as help you realize what's going on in your own mind)!


Automations Audit Call


  • One and a half hour call to help figure out your practice's needs and improve

  • Call will be via zoom - you'll get to choose a time that works for you from my calendar availability

  • I will likely bombarde you with tons and tons of ideas to help increase your efficiency and profitability

  • BUT - I will send you a follow up email with all of the ideas written down, any pros and cons that we discuss, and any links or contacts I have to help you get them set up

  • No one size fits all suggestions - all ideas and suggestions will be tailored to your needs and the needs of your practice

  • Depending on your current software and what we decide is best for your practice, there may be some done-for-you options I can help with too! These will all be discussed tailored to your needs within our call.

Have questions that weren't answered here?

Feel free to text me at 936.236.7124 and I'll get them answered as soon as I can!