Open your own practice they said.

I know they told you to take matters in your own hands and own your practice. I know they told you that your ability to make money as a veterinarian is WAY better when you're a practice owner. I know you they told you that owning your own practice meant that you would have more time freedom and more financial freedom.

And they're right.

But I also know that it was WAY more work than you imagined - between coming up with services and pricing, purchasing equipment, and keeping up with the latest medical advancements, there's hardly any time left for hiring and training employees, entering medical notes, sending out invoices, running credit cards. And I know that while you may have been blessed with a few business classes in vet school, you most likely got minimal training in marketing, automation, and creating systems to help your practice run smoothly and efficiently.

That's where we come in!

We help you automate everything from scheduling appointments to collecting money, and every step in between. We truly believe that veterinarians, and female solo practitioners specifically, just deserve a little more help with their businesses. So we partner with a software company to provide you the automation and office support you need to increase the level of your client's experience, all while getting you more hours back in the day and getting your money collected.